What the Fuck! Godaddy Stopped Email Customer Support!

godaddyEmail customer support used to be one of the most important reasons why I choose Godaddy domain and hosting service. If you emailed them at support@godaddy.com, Godaddy support team will answer to the question via email in 24 hours. It was quick and convenient.

Unfortunately, from early this month (April 2014), Godaddy stopped email customer support. Presently you email to Godaddy support team at support@godaddy.com, you got this:

 Godaddy stopped email customer support

You are told to search answers on their website by yourself or to make a phone call to them (Godaddy support phone number is: +1 480 505 8877). And your questions will not be answered via email any longer.

Godaddy supports refund for their products within a certain period, e.g. 45 days for a 12-month purchase or renewal. The problem is, searching can do nothing for refund request, which means you will have to make a phone call to Godaddy—–apparently, you need to speak English. It’s where things go to WTF. No hard to imagine how many customers (e.g. Chinese customers) can’t speak English. They can only write (with the help of Google translate or something else, of course). It’s definitely a big problem and I can’t understand why Bob Parsons did not predict it? In the past people can request refund via emails or phone calls. Now they have no choice but phone call.


Even if you are able to make the phone call, it’s not a good way—the waiting time is too long. I made three calls in the midnight of US time, the average waiting time is 10 minutes! It’s not just about money, it’s about patience.Many questions about domain and hosting is not that easy to say it clearly on the phone, you know. Not mention to the fact a lot of Godaddy customers are not using English as the mother-language. Speaking English will be much harder than writing English.

Would Godaddy becomes Nodaddy? Kind of…


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