Brooklyn Manor (Pretoria), What a fucking guesthouse!

Brooklyn Manor, Pretoria, South Africa

Brooklyn Manor

Be careful! “Brooklyn Manor” (Pretoria, South Africa) guesthouse(hotel) will take your money in advance and won’t return if you cancel or change your booking!

13-Dec-2012, I booked the “Brooklyn Manor” hotel (the website, address: 323 Anderson Street, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa, actually it’s a guesthouse) for six nights (14-Jan-2012 to 20-Jan-2012) on In a couple of days I received a text on my cell phone informing me that all the money (3900 Rand totally) has been taken by Brooklyn Manor in advance. I am unhappy with that, because it’s too earlier to take all the 100% money. I didn’t know even more unhappy thing is waiting for me in Brooklyn Manor: they don’t return any money if the guest leave ahead of the booked schedule.

Because of some change of my trip, I need to leave at 18-Jan-2012 and check out at the date. I asked the owner named Peter, a white guy in his 60s or so. Unfortunately he told me no money can be returned.  And for those two days I didn’t stay at the hotel at all cost me 1300 Rand! Too bad. Would it be reasonable and fair? I don’t think so. Even in China, hotels will return this part of money if the guest check out ahead of schedule.

Actually I have predicted my possible earlier-leaving. But I haven’t predicted that “Brooklyn Manor” won’t return the money on this occasion. A lesson. Next time for another South Africa trip, I should book the hotel as late as possible and as few days as possible.  Would rather extend your booking when you have checked in than booking for many days. I am really a stupid man!

Plus: The beds in Brooklyn Manor are too soft, which caused my waist uncomfortable. And if you don’t have a car, don’t suggest stay at Brooklyn Manor Pretoria for it’s in suburb.


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